Treat your Patients more efficiently with LENSware3,  than any other neurofeedback system on the market today!

• Save Time Filing & Writing Reports
• Provides Date Stamped Post Session Records
• Know exactly how the LENS sessions are affecting your patients


Use the reporting capabilities in LENSware3 to get customized app support from Ochslabs, when you need help with those hard to move patients.

Standard App Tabs

Included in Every App

CNS Top 10 Reports

Makes Top 10 Reporting easier & more convenient using the CNS, Intake and Top 10 forms within the app.
It takes less than 2 minutes to complete a Top 10 report.

Top 10 Reports

Trend graphs displays the effects of the patient’s sessions in an easy to understand graphic inside LENSware3

Post Session Reports

Reports tell you how the LENS is affecting your patients physiology. The more frequent your Patient reports, the better you know how to tailor their sessions.

Post Session Reports

Post session reports are emailed to you for printing or digital filing, includes time/date stamped communication.

Client Reminders

Clients can set SMS text message reminders in app for
Top 10 Reporting
Post session Report

Important notice about SMS Reminders

There is no cost to the public imposed by NeurofeedbackApp .com to utilize the any part of the neurofeedback app. Standard data fees and text messaging rates may apply based on customers plan with their mobile carrier.

About LENS Information Tab

This tab is usually the first tab visited in App. Clients who download your app learn about you, your practice and about LENS

Put the information you want read in this tab

There can be as many information pages as you like. Standard information “About LENS”, “Research Papers on LENS” & “LENS Areas of Applicability” is there for starters.

Push Notifications

Easily send Free Push Notifications to all subscribers who accepted push notifications in your branded app.

Keep your Patients on Track

Possible uses:
Report Reminders
Thought for the Day

Voice Memo Tab

In App Voice Memos transforms your phone into mobile audio recorder – Super easy to use starts recording with single click!

Post Session Reports

Perfect for recording voice memos, lecture, goals or reminders. The recorder allows you to record, save your memos or email to dropbox for archiving.


Clients can use in app
touch to call feature
send email
get Turn by turn directions
Find new patients through local searches. A high percentage of smart phone users, search the app stores for apps pertaining to their local area. Once downloaded each app has easy to use buttons to contact your practice.

Goals / Notepad

Ask your patients to use the in app notepad to set SMART goals for their neurofeedback sessions.

An easy to use in App reminder tab

S – Specific (or Significant).
M – Measurable (or Meaningful).
A – Attainable (or Action-Oriented).
R – Relevant (or Rewarding).
T – Time-bound (or Trackable).

Available Optional Tabs

Choose the tabs that compliment your practice

Mailing list

Prospective clients learn more about your business, and will remember you when they are ready for services.

Connecting with people on a local level

Mobile marketing represents one of the biggest opportunities for businesses to connect with consumers anytime, anywhere.

Stream your YouTube Channel

Highlight your Youtube Channel in App - Find your new local clients on YouTube.

The amazing growth of Youtube

The YouTube has seen a huge surge of viewers on smartphones & tablets in the past year. People who watch YouTube on smart devices spend nearly 9 hours per month, almost 2x vs. year ago.

Social Media Accounts

Link your Social media accounts to your app. All push notifications become a new post on your social media page.

All Major Social media sites are supported

Post once, view from multiple sources

Stream Podcasts

Integrate recorded podcasts with in-app streaming. Users can listen on the go, even when they navigate outside the app.

Engaging Muliti-Media

You have the ability to integrate Music, Video, and More in app…
Enable your own radio station with SHOUTcast, Podcasts and Video through YouTube!

RSS Feed

RSS feeds are a common and popular form of displaying news and information about your practice.

Your News, Your Feed

RSS feeds can load your RSS web page that constantly updates your news within the app without any manual changes on your end.

Merchandise / Shopping cart

The Merchandise tab is a simple way for businesses to start making sales through their app

Use our custom option to create your own marketplace

Or integrate your existing Magento or Shopify shopping cart.

Loyalty Rewards Tab

Everyone loves a deal! Allows users to have an digital version of a loyalty/rewards stamp card
Once users have reached the required number of “stamps,” they’ll unlock the deal. This deal can be redeemed immediately or saved for later.

WuFoo Forms

Do you have specific forms you would like your clients to fill out before or after seeing you?

Use our WuFoo form tab to

The WuFoo Form tab provides easy integration with WuFoo, a 3rd party form-building site that provides a huge array of features and customization options.

Membership Tab

The Membership tab is a great solution for creating groups, and the ability to control each tab's access.

Create Groups, Users & Guests

Gives the ability to send push notifications to these accounts specifically, giving you an entirely new level of control over your messaging.

PDF View Tab

Do you have a new research paper or Book chapter you would like your clients to read? (Any PDF <6MB)

Use the PDF tab!

The PDF tab allows you to display PDFs in your app, to showcase infographics, or research papers.

Q & A Wall / Chat Wall

Save even more time by answering your app users questions about neurofeedback in app.

Engage your Clients

Allows users to comment, ask questions, and discuss what they love about your business or service. Users can share photos, reply to each others’ comments.

Graphic/Photo Gallery

The Gallery tab is an easy way to display images with info you want to show inside your app.

A picture says a 1000 Words

Grab their attention with a graphic. Many people won’t stop to read long pages of text. Incorporate Infographics and capture your audience

Point of Interest

This tab will give turn by turn and contact information for other locations you regularly send your patients

Whether its a Lab or on Campus

This tab will help get your clients there on time. Specific information for each location includes phone, website and address.


Having an Open House?
or other event?

Generate interest in your Event

Users can RSVP in app. Maps with turn by turn directions. Enable in-app event commenting and photo posts. Set up weekly and monthly recurring events.

Create your own Tab

Do you have an idea or need a specific tab for your practice? We maybe able to create it!

Name your Tab

Contact us by phone or email to run your ideas or needs by us, it may be simpler than you think!

Specifically designed to enhance
the most powerful features of

Patient Reporting
Just Got Easier…

Having a great mobile experience will keep your users engaged with their LENS neurofeedback sessions like never before. Ease of use means more reports, and more information so you can customize treatment sessions to get the most out of each session. With in App reporting features it takes less than 5 minutes to fill out both reports. All that info is available to you in the form of an email with time/date stamped submissions, to print or file digitally.

Post Session Reports ready for your files

  • Sample of completed Post Session Report sent to practitioner.

Fully Native Mobile App

Available in all major platforms and sizes including

• iPhones
• iPads
• Android phones
• Android Tablets
• Windows (w/Android emulator)

  • Native Apps take full advantage of phones features
  • Same user experience on every platform
  • Saves you time otherwise spent doing paperwork
  • Clients download your app from the app stores – Apple app store & Google Playstore


Clear easy to read graphics visible indoors or out.


Why we made it…

Made for Practitioners by a Practitioner

It all started when we purchased the Ochs Labs LENSware3. We were in awe as we watched the LENS work magic with our clients, then came the challenge—coaxing our clients to input post session data on their computers in a timely manner.

Clients also provided updates quicker when we sent the Top 10 link by text or email.

There had to be a better way—a way that would save us time and a way that would be easy for our clients to report their progress. The mobile app was born. We tested it. It works, and our clients use it.

The LENSware3 mobile app will help you grow your practice by providing more efficient ways to connect with your clients and to organize the data. Your customized app will update to the latest features of Android and Apple software updates and new device sizes as they come available. You’ll never have to think or ask if a new update will crash your app. We handle all app upgrades.

Contact us today. See what the LENSware3 mobile app can do for you and your practice.

Main Objectives

Understanding our Patients better 100%
Less Paperwork 100%
Advertising our business on the app stores 97%
Because we can 100%

We made controlling your app
a breeze
Meet Skipper!

Skipper App Screenshots

Download “Skipper”

One Time Set-Up Fee

$50000One Time Fee
  • App Is Customized To Your Practice

Monthly Maintenance & Hosting

  • Keeps Your App Up To Date With Latest Features

Optional Tab Pricing

$5000One Time Fee Per Tab
  • Added Tabs During Initial Set-Up 

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